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My Funeral Wishes membership will make sure you record and share important information and how you would like to be remembered:

  • Details and information to organise your funeral service

  • Your funeral songs or music to be played

  • Readings, poems or quotes to be read

  • People to notify of your passing, or leave a special message to a loved one

  • Arrangements you’ve made for your pets

  • Hobbies, special interests and life achievements

  • Career or Sporting highlights

  • Public Service History

  • Burial Location or what to do with your ashes

  • Provisions you have in place to pay for your funeral

  • Where to find your Will and lawyers details

and much more.


FAQ - Common Questions

Is my information secure?


We take security very seriously, the way our system works means no one can change any of your information after you have passed away. We use Amazon (AWS) cloud servers to store your data, Amazon is trusted by both Governments and Fortune 500 companies. Members are then allocated a unique 9 digit Membership ID, and decide on their own password. Passwords can be changed at any time. The system features automatic logout if you forget to logout and leave your device unattended. All information is encrypted during transport with SSL certificate

Can I cancel at anytime?


You are not locked into a contract with us. However if your cancel your membership you will not have access to the service and your Keyholders will not be able to retrieve your wishes if you pass away.

Is it safe to provide my Credit or Debit Card details?


My Funeral Wishes does not store your credit card details on this site or on our cloud servers. When you subscribe, your Credit or Debit Card details are processed by a trusted third party payment processing company called ‘Stripe’. Stripe is the most common online payment processor and they are used by both governments and large companies such as Amazon, Uber, Xero and many other companies around the world.

As simple or as complicated as you want, you can complete some or all of the sections… it’s up to you how much detail and information you record.

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