Key Holder setup

You must choose at least two Key Holders (you can appoint as many as you want). When you enter your Key Holders' details, they will each be emailed a unique access code that links to your account and lets them log in. Until the account is unlocked, they can only see your name and their own details (which they can update at any time). Key Holders cannot view your information before your death.


Key Holder access

To unlock your account, two Key Holders must log in and confirm your death. Key Holders cannot make any changes to your saved information An email will also be sent to your stored email address with details of the Key Holders who have advised us of your passing.


You can change your Key Holders as often as you like. If you remove a Key Holder, their access code is immediately and permanently deleted.


Your information will be available for one year after your passing, at which point your account will be permanently and irreversibly deleted. Key Holder will be sent a reminder when this access period is about to expire.