Manage all your final wishes and life details in one place.

Manage all your final wishes and life details in one place. Leave your loved ones instructions for your life’s end. Show you care, even after you’ve gone.


Life can end unexpectedly for people of all ages. My Funeral Wishes is a modern way to make sure loved ones can access your wishes, memories and instructions so they will know what to do, and what you want to happen, after you’ve gone.

Leave a plan

Recognise that someone will have to make decisions about your funeral. They will need to find information to close down your life.

Get organised now

My Funeral Wishes ensures all your end-of-life information will be securely stored and within easy reach if you go suddenly.

Don’t leave it to chance

Anything can happen at any time, life can be uncertain.

All the important information you enter will remain private and secure. When you’ve passed away, two of your Key Holders will confirm this in our system. They will then be able to view the important details that you set up to guide them though this sad and stressful time.

Rest easy knowing all your affairs are in order, and your wishes are recorded.

There's no need for awkward conversations with loved ones about your passing.

Your information is securely encrypted during transfer and stored in the Cloud for safe and easy access whenever it is needed.


Avoid awkward conversations

Telling your loved ones now what you want to happen after you pass away is awkward for most of us.

Conversations can be forgotten

Your family or friends will probably forget what you told them.

Simple to use

Multiple categories to guide you. Securely store what you want for your funeral, facts about your life, details of accounts, and access to important information needed to help close down your life.


Next steps after joining


You select at least two family members or friends who unlock your account after you have passed. These trusted people are your Key Holders – learn more.


Your Key Holders are given membership accounts linked to yours, but with no access to your information until after your death has been declared.


During this stressful time, your funeral plans and final wishes are ready and accessible to your loved ones at a time when they need them the most.


Update your wishes at any time

No one else can view, access or retrieve it until two of your Key Holders confirm that you have passed.


Very affordable peace of mind

You get full access to the My Funeral Wishes system for just $29.99 per year


Your family will thank you

Making sure important information about you, and the things you want done, are set up ahead of time is the perfect way to take care of your family.


Help your loved ones focus on your life, not the guesswork of organising your funeral and finalising your affairs.


An essential, inexpensive tool for all people, both young and old, especially in the event of an untimely death.


Record as much or as little as you want, it’s up to you how much information you share. You can update your details at any time.


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